About "The MODels"

The MODels

 "The MODels" is a collection created by Lauren Bell for LaBell Label beginning with the "Alizarin Crimson Female MODel" in May of 2022. It is currently ongoing and you can follow the progress on LaBell Label's Instagram and Facebook @labell.label.

Each painting is designed to evoke the idea of fashion magazine covers. The figures are models showing off their various modifications. These "mods" are huge, irreversible changes--missing body parts replaced with machine counterparts. Each character has a different personality represented by the fashionable clothes and modifications they wear.

Every MODel has a different reason behind their drastic surgeries: popularity, fame, money, affection, love, or social standing? Quelling, or pandering to, their insecurities? Maybe they're working a job and they HAD to? These MODels have sacrificed something of themselves in order to avoid negative things but instead, have become more superficial or have gained a fake version of something they desired. 

Or perhaps, in trading their natural beauty away, the MODels begin to feel more like THEMSELVES? They end up feeling more confident, feeling more beautiful, and loving themselves for the first time. What are all of these things WORTH?

Decide for yourself. What is the meaning of The MODels collection to you? Let us know through the contact page!

This collection of paintings has been made with significant intention; the poses are flat, "altered," and with wires and parts that don't quite work. The figures are extreme, disproportionate, and confident, however, there is no eye contact with the audience. The empty, colored backgrounds are left open for a production team to add whatever meaning or advertisement they want to the MODels' photograph.

The collection currently includes "Alizarin Crimson Male and Female MODels," "Green Gold Male and Female MODels," "Prussian Blue Male and Female MODels," "Permanent Violet Dark Male and Female MODels," "C.P. Cadmium Orange Male and Female MODels," and "C.P. Cadmium Yellow Light Male and Female MODels."

Hope you enjoy! Thank you!