About LaBell Label

Lauren "Lars" Bell is an artist born and raised near Charlotte, NC. As she continues to grow in her art business, she has traveled around the United States, including places like Seattle, WA and Philadelphia, PA.

She specializes in personality-encompassing portraiture and narrative illustration. Her work has been displayed in Charlotte, Fort Mill, SC, and Charleston, SC and most often on her Instagram @labell.label.

She is inspired by artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Ai Yazawa, and Michelangelo, while her work is influenced heavily by fashion, manga, world cultures, folklore, color, patterns, coloring books, TV shows, and films.

Constantly improving, she spends her time illustrating children's books, creating fine art, drawing graphic novels, and running her online shop. Both commissions and art for businesses or merchandise are available online.

Recently, her Etsy shop features Caricatures and a unique and memorable type of commission option called "Tell Your Story:" a single graphic novel-style page using the clients' most favorite scenes to Tell Your Story.

LaBell is creating the art she would feel proud to put her Label on.